Who am I?
I am Yael and translation is not only my profession, but my hobby too. I have two daughters: Sharon, who is always there for me, to help with scientific terms or new slang, and Daphna, without whom this site wouldn't have been realized.
My first steps in the translation profession were while I was studying towards my BA in English and American literature at Tel Aviv University: the university's "Sovietologic Institute" received newspapers from all the East European countries and my job was to read the articles published in the Romanian press, find among them those articles that dealt with Middle East topics and translate them into English. At the same time, I began working for a translation agency in Tel Aviv. This agency supplied translations of new immigrants' documents, certificates, diplomas, academic records, resumes and letters of recommendation etc. for the Jewish Agency. I translated these sorts of documents from Romanian, French and English into Hebrew.
Later on, I penetrated the technical niche; I became involved in different projects and translated service and maintenance manuals of numerous hardware tools for different clients. Currently, I prefer working from English into Hebrew; in this language combination I've translated thousands of pages of automotive manuals for workshops and users.
My formal education is quite unique: while some have no certificates of matriculation, I have two: the Israeli certificate of matriculation from Brenner high school, Petach Tikva, and the British GCE, A level, from London University. In addition to the BA in English and American literature from Tel Aviv University, I have a postgraduate certificate in Hebrew language editing from Beit Berl College.