Automotive -cars, trucks, buses

– Service manuals for mechanical workshops, owner manuals and manuals for sales departments for the following brands: Volvo, Mitsubishi, Honda, DAF, Skoda, Jaguar, Renault, Lexus (including hybrid cars), International, Meritor
– Localization of diagnostic software: DAF
– Marketing articles: BMW and Renault
– Specifications of Mercedes models, to be posted on their website
– Glass specifications for different car brands
Owner manuals: Peugeot

Automotive -tractors, construction equipment

– Website of Volvo construction equipment (excavators, loaders, haulers, etc)
– Specifications and owner manuals of tractors and construction equipment, including marketing material: Volvo, John Deere, Caterpillar

Industrial machinery & accessories

– Technical specifications of several machine brands for the wine industry
– User manuals for various mechanical tools such as milling machines, lathes, drillers and other heavy-duty equipment
– Specifications for safety helmets (3M)

Software, hardware, printers, telecom, cameras

– Translation, proofreading and editing of user manuals for the following brands:
- Printers: HP, Lexmark, Epson, Canon
- Monitors: LG , Dell
- S/W products: Symantec, Websense
- Cameras: Olympus, Canon
- Phones and earphones: Philips, Samsung
- Prompts on displays of Motorola and Samsung phones
- User manuals for various audio and video devices
- Articles for press releases on IT

Code of behavior and safety at the workplace

– Rules and codes of business behavior for several global companies
– Articles and pamphlets on security, safety and best practices at the workplace
– Huge Power Point presentations (350-450 slides each) on food safety
– Articles and pamphlets on security and safety at the workplace

Pregnancy, maternity, babyhood & childhood

– Pregnancy and maternity items: the entire website of Philips Avent, part of Medela website
– User manuals, marketing brochures and leaflets: strollers, highchairs, safety chairs

Clinical / medical

– Glucose meter user guides
– Clinical trials and informed consent forms
– Medical and chemical articles

Legal, banking

– Saxo Bank website
– Website containing UK visa requirements
– Legal agreements and marketing for one of the largest Israeli food concerns
– Contracts and agreements for various law firms
– Commercial correspondence
– Commercial correspondence and contracts
– Contracts and agreements for various law firms
– International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims


– Great Paintings – a history of painting and painters (I translated ~half of the book)
– The life of Sri Ramana Maharshi
– The development of technologies of anti-terrorism detection systems and training courses on anti-terrorism
– Tourism / holiday resort brochures – Spain and Moldova
– 2,500 entries of Trivia Q/A including localization– Documents, certificates, letters of recommendation, etc
– Book reviews: reading, analyzing and evaluating of English books for an Israeli publishing house and recommending their translation into Hebrew
Fre->Heb:– A play on a Biblical topic and several poems
– Documents, certificates, letters of recommendation, etc
– A biographical romantic novel
– Documents, certificates, letters of recommendation, etc
– Articles from the Romanian press on Middle East issues


Guest lector at Beit Berl College: “Technical Translations” and “Editing Low-tech Texts”


1999 - 2003

Manager of the Israeli front desk of a Dutch translation firm: establishment of front desk from scratch, recruitment of translators, job allocation and processing, constant contact by phone and e-mail with translators and liaison between the main office and the translators, etc


June 1982 - June 2001

Office manager at a private telecommunication consultant firm: full range of office jobs, including independent correspondence, occasional translations into English, bookkeeping, dedicated s/w, etc